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Frequently Asked Questions

What should I wear to a pilates class?

Comfortable athletic clothing that is free of buttons, rhinestones, sequins, zippers.  Biker shorts are to be worn underneath baggy shorts, as we sometimes do inversions. Grippy Socks or barefoot is recommended for your safety.

Why should I take a private pilates session?

Privates are the best way to learn the pilates method and learn to use the apparatuses safely. Pilates Privates are tailored for your individual needs.

How many times a week should I practice pilates?

The more you practice, the more you will get out of the Pilates Method.  Some clients will train in studio 3-4 times a week, some once a week, & some even pop in just once a month!  Clients who are unable to train in studio three times a week are given "homework", that they can practice at their convenience. Pilates Mat Group classes are on the schedule for you to grow and maintain a routine.  More class times will be added to meet the community's needs. 

Do I need to be in good shape to begin Pilates?

No! Pilates meets the needs of any stage that you are at in your life. Individuals in their teens to their 80s and beyond want to move and feel better. Whether you are a teen aspiring to be a ballerina or an athlete, an individual recovering or getting ready for a surgery, or if you want to overall improve your mobility, ControlCore PILATES™ is ready to guide you to your best potential.

Where do I Park?

All parking in downtown Coraopolis is currently free!  Street parking is available, along with two free parking lots located by Cobblehaus Brewing Company and Recognition Awards & Trophies.

What makes your studio different from gyms & clubs that offer pilates?

ControlCore PILATES™ is a small, woman owned, local business. ControlCore PILATES™ in general offers an extensive selection of Pilates apparatuses. Class sizes are limited for your benefit. Kristin Bucci, the studio owner and sole pilates teacher, is comprehensively trained and teaches the authentic pilates method.  Most gyms & clubs are pilates based.  The teaching style, training, continuing education, and experience at ControlCore PILATES™ is often more in depth compared to franchises. Thank you for choosing to support this local business in Coraopolis, PA. 

What do I need to participate in a Rollology® Class?

Rollology® rollers and mats are provided in studio.  Rollers are also available for purchase.  If you have a favorite mat and 36" roller, bring it to class! Barefoot or grippy socks are recommended. Sometimes weights, called Tone-y bands, are used.  They are also available for purchase in studio.

This class is provided both in person and online.

Does 'Drop-in' mean I can show up last minute?

All privates, duets, semi-privates, and all group classes must reserve their spot on the calendar.  The Drop-in rate simply refers to the rate for one class. Most clients choose to purchase packages to save. The Drop-in rate is great if you are trying the studio for the first time, or if you will be away for more than 3 months and unable to utilize your package.

If you prefer to pay in person with Cash or with a check, please notify the studio. Having trouble booking? Email or call the studio to let us know you will be in!, 724.612.2063

Where can I find pricing?

When you register on Mindbody, you will have access to available appointment times for privates, duets, semi-privates, and our growing small group classes. When you select 'Book', you will be brought to the 'Drop-in Rate' pricing for one class. If you select the arrow on that pricing, all packages will be presented to you.  There are various packages for every service for you to save! There is a generous 90 expiration date for your packages.  Unlike at your gym, there are no membership fees, or unlimited plans.  By providing a wide range in pricing and generous expiration on packages, we hope to reach the needs of everyone in our community to experience pilates.

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